jeudi 25 février 2016

How to Change Boot Logo of a Spark Receiver

How to Change Boot Logo of a Spark Receiver

Warning: Do it at your own risk. If you are not sure about how to do it, then leave it.

You can change boot logo of your Spark HD Receiver and load a custom boot logo

of your own to it in a few easy steps.

How to prepare custom boot logo:


To change your boot screen, you need an image named which you want to make

boot logo of your receiver and its name should be “boot.png”.

In order to make your own boot.png, you just need the following:

1. The image you want to make into a startup screen.

2. A picture editing software. MS-Paint is OK.

3. A software to change the format to .png (Portable Network Graphic). MS-Paint is

Open your image with your preferred editing program. Resize it to 1920×1080 which

is resolution of full HD. Do any editing, text additions or whatever you like to the

image. Save as boot.png

Important: when you go to save in most editing programs it will ask for the name

(set this to boot.png) and right below this will be a box for save as type. This MUST

be set to .png (Portable Network Graphic) so that it converts right.

Loading custom boot logo:

1. Log on to your Spark receiver through your PC using some FTP utility (for

example DCC 2.95).

2. Send your new image to /root/spark/Logo/ so that it replaces the boot.png that is

already there. If you want to make backup of the original boot logo, you can transfer

it to your computer or leave it in your Spark receiver. To leave it on your Spark

receiver, simply rename it to something like boot.old



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